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Summer Updates 2020

Hello All,

Just writing down a few thoughts about this past year as I finish up a few projects.

First and foremost, if you are not aware of my live stream, let me introduce a little bit of what I've been working on. For the past 2 years (first announced here) I've been experimenting with live streaming all of my practice sessions. Yes. Every. Single. One. This began as an experiment in productivity but has quickly turned into a full time position. The community (youse!) has grown and it has inspired me to continue making content. I will be making a few announcements related to that but before I make any official launches I have to hunker down and finish my Doctor of Musical Arts.

The Royal Irish Academy of Music has been my teaching and learning home for the past four years, and as I wrap up my studies I have to reflect on the amazing opportunities I've been offered and the amazing people I've worked with. My studies began with Marion Hyland who has now since retired but continues to run the guitar ensemble GuitaRiam. You can find a few of their recent videos here. While here I was introduced to the amazing Brahms guitarist Redmond O'Toole who continues to be a type of musical and spiritual mentor. All the while getting the chance to study with guest artist Xufei Yang. My lessons with her were as fruitful as they were joyful. Fei is a kind soul and a pleasure to work with. After Marion retired I was granted the opportunity to study with Peter Katona of the Katona Twins. My time with Peter has been a chance of immense growth and my technique and musicality have grown immensely thanks to his teaching.

Remember to follow me on and catch my streams,

I've been working on my final recital which I plan on recording in the following two weeks, and after that I have a few big announcements I plan to make in September.

See you all in my stream and thank you again!


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