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Winter Update 2018 - Live Streaming and more!

Hello All,

First and foremost, happy holidays to you all! Secondly and unforemostly, who are you all? Well you all know who you are, but for those of you who don't know. I recently started live streaming my practice sessions on a website called twitch. To you who've found your way to my website from there: thanks for stopping by! For those of you do not know my live stream channel I'm attaching a link to it. Here. So, why did I start streaming? Good question!

I started live streaming my practice as a way to not only organize myself but also to make my practice sessions more effective. I read in The Science and Pyschology of Music Performance (Oxford University Press, 2002) that moderated practice has been proven to get better results in children, I decided to experiment and see if just by live streaming my practice I could achieve better results.

However what I didn't expect is that I would find such an amazing community of people. Twitch has been great for getting feedback, meeting new musicians and making a few new friends. As a result I've found my practice has not only been way more effective, but my confidence and ability to communicate has grown as well. Thank you to my followers who have allowed me to get affiliate status and have made the experience so amazing.

Please feel free to stop by and listen to me play. In addition to practicing my classical repertoire I also plan to do some sessions of solo improvisation and perhaps a few collaborations. I will be adding a page on the website directly to my stream so if you don't want to sign up to my stream you can also check in here.

Thanks to everyone, and have a happy new year.


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