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Fall Update 2018 - Recording and More

Hello All!

September and October have proven way to busy, and before I stumble any further into November I thought I'd write down a few recent ventures, and a few upcoming shows.

September saw performances in Edinburgh with the Red Note Ensemble. Here I performed on guitar, banjo and mandolin for a performance of John Adams' 'Gnarly Buttons.'

After coming back from Edinburgh I immediately was shipped off to Co. Donegal to perform with Anne Randolph and Co. and McCrory's inn. We enjoyed some amazing views of Donegal's beautiful landscapes. The weather was perfect for the trip and I couldn't have asked for a better journey out to Ireland's most northern point. Also the food was great and I enjoyed my first cup of road tea.

Anne and the band found ourselves in Beechpark Studio last week and recorded 3 tracks for an upcoming LP and album and I'm beyond excited to hear the recordings.

On November 18th the band has a gig in Foxford Co. Mayo and I look forward to returning to Mayo and basking in the visual poetry that is western Ireland.

My new solo program is slowly being put together and the final set list will include names such as Francois Campion, Ferdinando Carulli, Miguel Llobet, Raymond Mouleart and more. I hope to be performing bits of it by December!

See you all soon!



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