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New Guitar!

Hello All,

I'm so happy to announce the unveiling of my new guitar. It was made by an excellent Cambridge based luthier named Martin Woodhouse. The guitar was designed in collaboration with yours truly but all of the credit has to go to Martin's expert workmanship. He was eager to collaborate on what is arguably a wild design but the results were better than I could have imagined. I cannot stress enough how much of a great experience it was working with Martin and if you're looking for a new guitar I'd highly recommend Martin's work. It has a sweet but penetrative and clear sounding high end, and the quite possibly most impressive bass notes I've ever played on a guitar. It has a European spruce top, American cherry back and sides, Douglas fir and carbon fibre neck, and katalox fingerboard. String lengths are 630-650mm.

You can hear me play this guitar in some of my upcoming concerts, which I'll be updating soon! And some other new things I have planned which will be require it's own post.

All the best,


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